• fix array_unique(): Argument #1 ($array) must be of type array, null given on plugin first activation
  • fix Undefined constant "W4OS_PROFILE_URL" fatal error
  • prepare 3.x transision


  • fix wrong event time in in-world search (UTC shown instead of grid time)


  • restored WooCommerce Account Dashboar avatar section
  • minor fixes (undefined constants and variables)


  • fix w4os_profile_sync() fatal error when profiles are disabled
  • fix minor PHP8 warnings
  • fix fatal error when wp object is passed as user_id


  • minor fixes (profile page title, profile image, profile text display)
  • tested up to WP 6.1, minimum php 7.3


  • updated translations


  • fix userprofile table queried even if not present (issue #64) when User Profiles are not enabled on robust
  • fix fatal error Argument #2 ($haystack) must be of type array, bool given (issue #64)


  • fix offline messages not forwarded by mail (opensim db not properly loaded by helpers)


  • updated translations


  • tested up to 6.0.1


  • fix profile picture aspect ratio (4/3, as in viewer)


  • added password reset link to profile page
  • fix fatal error in helpers for poorly encoded unicode text sources
  • fix fatal errors in helpers when database is not connected
  • fix #57 password not updated on grid when using password recovery in WordPdress


  • fix regression in 2.3.1


  • fix fatal error and warnings with popular-places shortcode
  • avoid fatal error if php xml-rpc is not installed, show error notice instead


  • new search helper
  • new offline messages helper. Messages are stored in OfflineMessageModule V2 format, so one can switch between core and external service (fix #47)
  • new currency helpers
  • new Popular Places block and [popular-places] shortcode
  • new events parser (fetch events from 2do.pm or another HYPEvents server)
  • added prebuilt binaries for opensim 0.9.1 and 0.9.2
  • added currency conversion rate setting
  • dropped aurora and OpenSim 0.6 support
  • separate helpers settings page
  • helpers migrated from old mysqli db connection method to PDO


  • tested up to wp 5.8.3
  • updated translations


  • new web assets server

  • new profile page

  • new config instructions for new grid users

  • new blocks support

  • new grid and wordpress users sync

  • new grid based authentication; if wp user exists, password is reset to grid password; if not, a new wp user is created

  • new admin can create avatars for existing users

  • new grid info settings are fetched from Robust server if set or localhost:8002

  • new check grid info url validity (cron and manual)

  • added option to replace name by avatar name in users list

  • added profile image to gridprofile

  • added assets permalink settings

  • added states in admin pages list for known urls (from grid_info)

  • added lost password and register links on login page

  • added buttons to create missing pages on status dashboard

  • added Born and Last Seen columns to users list

  • added hop:// link to login uri

  • added in-world profile link to profile page

  • added Partner, Wants, Skills and RL to web profile

  • removed Avatar section from WooCommerce account page until fixed

  • removed W4OS Grid Info and W4OS Grid Status widgets (now available as blocks)

  • fix duplicate admin notices

  • fix squished profile picture

  • fix avatar not created, or not created at first attempt

  • fix inventory items not transferred to new avatars

  • fix errors not displayed on avatar creation page

  • fix avatar model not shown if default account never connected

  • fix missing error messages on login page

  • fix user login broken if w4os_login_page is set to profile and OpenSim database is not connected

  • fix a couple of fatal errors

  • fix slow assets, store cached images in upload folder to serve them directly by the web server

  • fix Fatal error Call to undefined function each()

  • show a link to profile page instead of the form in profile shortcode

  • responsive profile display for smartphones

  • show image placeholder if profile picture not set

  • added imagick to the recommended php extensions

  • lighter template for profiles when loaded from the viewer

  • guess new avatar name from user_login if first name and last name not provided

  • replace wp avatar picture with in-world profile picture if set

  • use version provided by .version if present

  • More comprehensive database connection error reporting


  • added login form to gridprofile shortcode when not connected instead of login message
  • added w4os-shortcode classes
  • added screenshots
  • fix fatal error when trying to display WooCommerce Avatar tab form in My Account
  • fix localisation not loading
  • shorter "Avatar" label, removed uuid in gridprofile shortcode


  • Now distributed via WordPress plugins directory
  • Official git repository changed to GitHub
  • renamed plugin as W4OS - OpenSimulator Web Interface
  • fix other WP plugins directory requirements
  • fix localizations not loading
  • fix regression, automatic updates restored. Users with version 2.0 to 2.0.3 will need to reinstall the plugin from source. Sorry.
  • use plugin dir to detect slug instead of hardcoded value
  • renamed [w4os_profile] shortcode as [gridprofile] for consistency. w4os_profile is kept for backwards compatibility


  • fix #2 Database check fails if mysql is case insensitive
  • fix #4 Database connection error triggered if userprofile table is absent
  • fix #10 invalid JSON response when adding [w4os_profile] shortcode element
  • fix wrong letter cases in auth table name
  • fix only show profile form for current user
  • better css loading
  • only check once if w4os db is connected
  • added login page link to message displayed when trying to see profile while not connected
  • more detailed error messages for avatar creation


  • added changelog, banners and icons to view details
  • fix "Yes" and "No" translations
  • fix typo in banners and icons urls, can't believe I didn't see this before...
  • fixed conflict with other extensions settings pages
  • changed update server library to frogerme's WP Plugin Update Server


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