This plugin is still in development. For an up-to-date list of current features and the roadmap, see the github repository.

  • Shortcodes, blocks and dashboard widgets:
    • Grid info
    • Grid status
    • Grid Profile
    • Popular places
    • Web search page (coming soon)
  • Avatar creation:
    • Avatar registration form
    • Avatar models, allowing new users to choose their initial appearance
    • Web profile page: excerpt of in-world avatar’s profile
    • Reserved names: avatar whose first name or last name is “Default”, “Test”, “Admin” or the name used for models are disallowed for public (such avatars must be created by admins from Robust console)
    • OpenSimulator section in standard wp account page
    • Avatar and website passwords are synchronized
  • Helpers, the web-side complements needed to release OpenSimulator full power:
    • Search engine, including places, land for sale and events
    • Offline messages, including forward to mail option
    • Web assets server: the missing link between in-world images and a web page
    • Economy, for integration with currency providers like Podex, Gloebit or self-provided (fake or real) money
  • OpenSimulator settings page:
    • grid name, login uri and database connection settings
    • naming scheme of default models
    • exclude models from grid stats
    • helpers activation/deactivation and settings
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