W4OS is a WordPress plugin for OpenSimulator grid management. It allows users to register for an avatar and choose a starting outfit. It also provides useful blocks that can be displayed on any page, sidebars, headers and footer (via shortcodes, widgets or Gutenberg blocks).

It is pretty easy to set up, so you can start accepting new users within minutes.

The project is sponsored and developed by Speculoos World and Magiiic.

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At the time of writing, this plugin represents around 6000 lines of code, 750 commits, hundreds of hours and dozens of sleepless nights

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  • w4os 2.3.6

    There were a couple of bug fixes and enhancement to w4os Web Interface for OpenSumulator since last announcement. Get the latest version to receive the corrections. tested up to 6.0.1added password reset link to profile pagefix profile picture aspect ratio to 4/3 as in the viewerfix password not updated on grid when using password recovery… Continue reading w4os 2.3.6


With the most recent improvements and features. Something close to the next stable release, but there might be some bugs left.


The current development, unstable version. Really don’t use it in production environment. It might (and does probably) contain bugs or work in progress.