Latest news of OpenSim, including our WordPress module

July numbers and news from OpenSimulator on Hypergrid Business, including a detailed section about our WordPress interface for OpenSimulator. July actives down on 3D Love, ZetaWorlds stat drops


WordPress interface for OpenSimulator now allows avatar creation

Creating an avatar is now possible with the WordPress interface for OpenSimulator (w4os) A shortcode allows you to insert the registration form on a page of your choice. If the user already has an avatar, the code displays a minimal profile (avatar’s first name, last name and UUID). For sites using WooCommerce, an additional “Avatar”… Continue reading WordPress interface for OpenSimulator now allows avatar creation

WordPress plugin for OpenSimulator

WordPress Interface for OpenSimulator (w4os) plugin allows connecting a WordPress website to an OpenSimulator grid or standalone server. It’s a starting project, for now, it just gives a way to display grid info and status on a page, but the goal is to have the features of a web interface, particularly managing users and regions.… Continue reading WordPress plugin for OpenSimulator

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