w4os 2.2.5 update

Version 2.2.5 is available, it looks quite stable and has a bunch of enhancement and, mostly, a bunch of fixes since the last announcement. We are approaching the official release in WordPress plugin directory.

  • added Wants, Skills, Partner and RL info to web profile
  • added lost password and register links to login form
  • added states for OpenSimulator pages in admin pages list
  • added check now button on system pages status section
  • added default content to splash page
  • fixed avatar creation issues (errors not displayed, avatar not created, avatar created but without model inventory items, model not shown if related default account never connected, show image placeholder if model profile picture not set, age rounding)

There was an issue with the Avatar creation from WooCommerce account page. Since it’s not a priority for now (everything is available from the Profile page), we removed the Avatar section from WooCommerce account page until fixed.

If you downloaded from Magiiic.com download, the update will be available automatically. Otherwise, you can download this release from Magiiic.com or GitHub repository.

This is still a beta version. The WordPress directory release will be updated after we get enough test feedback.

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