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When setting up w4os on a new site, we had trouble finding out why the search was not working with the internal search engine. However, it worked perfectly well using an external engine running exactly the same versions of the libraries. And it works perfectly internally on several public grids that I manage, as well as the test grids created for w4os development.

It’s at times like these that you think “maybe valeting is a better job for me, all I need is to be polite”. Polite? Damn right: protocol!

In the OpenSim.ini file, to use w4os as a search engine, you need to specify its URL (ending with query.php) by adding the GatekeeperURI (the gateway to the grid), with the argument “gk”, to enable a formatted response for the grid making the query. This information is not sent by the viewer, so it must be added to the settings.

Module = OpenSimSearch
SearchURL = ""

In most cases, the GatekeeperURI is identical to the LoginURI. But, according to OpenSimulator standards, it includes the protocol (http://). And the plugin settings didn’t specify this. And the search engine wouldn’t accept any value without the protocol.

Conclusion: there’s a new update for w4os, available now on or on GitHub, and shortly in the WordPress plugins directory.

It fixes the problem in two ways:

  1. the helpers settings page now correctly mentions the syntax of the settings to be made in OpenSim.ini
  2. the search engine itself now accepts that the GatekeeperURI has no protocol.

The correction has also been made to the search engine library, included in w4os, but also available as a stand-alone solution, Flexible Helpers Scripts.

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