The agenda in the spotlight – HIE 2024

At the last Hypergrid International Expo, Gudule Lapointe presented the w4os project, and in particular the calendar functions integrated into the extension.

The 2do project is a set of software solutions for integrating the search for events into a grid, which can be used together or individually. It includes :

  • 2do aggregator: the robot that compiles all available event information and converts it into formats that can be used by other components.
  • Events parser: the helpers component that integrates 2do aggregator results into in-world searches
  • 2do board: an in-world scripted object to present upcoming events, whether or not in-world search is enabled.
  • 2do directory: a centralized public directory for sharing events and other search elements (locations, plots for sale, ads) between hypergrid worlds.

The conference was presented in French, with simultaneous translation in 4 languages.

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